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Article I–Name

The organization shall be known as the Alabama Association of Federal Education Program Administrators, hereafter referred to as the Association.

Article II-Purpose

Section 1.  To promote an exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas concerning federal programs in order to enable the members to serve educational entities with greater effectiveness and efficiency

Section 2.  To disseminate information concerning resources available from the federal government so that greater use can be made of these resources

Section 3.  To supplement and assist the flow of information and constructive comment from the offices of the Alabama Department of Education that is responsible for the administration of federally supported educational programs

Section 4.  To provide advice and counsel regarding federal programs to any member and/or organization seeking to serve the educational needs of the community, the state, or the nation. The Association is not a political organization. Membership/ subscription dues are not used for political purposes. Proposed addition 2015.

Section 5.  To provide training institutes or workshops in the areas of federal programs

Article III-Membership

Section 1.  Membership shall include those persons described in the By-Laws in Article II (Membership).

Article IV-Governing Body

Section 1.  The Executive Committee consists of President, Immediate Past President, President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and NAFEPA Board Member(s).

Section 2.  The affairs of the Association except as restricted herein or in the By-Laws shall be conducted by the Board of Directors consisting of the following Association members each with one vote when present at a Board of Directors meeting; Executive Committee, one representative from each district as defined in the By-Laws.

Section 3.  Members of the Board shall be chosen as provided in the By-Laws.

Article V-Officers

Section 1.  The Officers of the Association shall be a President, Immediate Past President, President Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2.  The term of office shall be two years to coincide with the fiscal year as defined in the By-Laws.

Section 3.  No President shall succeed himself/herself in office.

Section 4.  A person must be an active member of the Association for two consecutive years to be eligible to hold an elected office.

Article VI-Meetings

Section 1.  An annual general membership meeting of the Association shall be held at such time and place as the Executive Committee may select.

Section 2.  Special meetings of the general membership of the Association may be held at the call of the president, by a two-thirds vote of the membership of the Board of Directors, or by a petition of at least 20% of the membership of the Association.

Section 3.  The Board of Directors shall meet at the call of the president or by written petition of at least a majority of the members of the Board.

Section 4.  The secretary shall mail notices of each properly called meeting of the Board of Directors, as appropriate, at least fifteen days before the date of such meetings.  Those members present and voting may by majority vote to adjourn such a meeting to a future time and place.

Section 5.  A quorum at the annual meeting, at all special meetings of the Association, or at any Board or Directors meetings, shall be established in the By-Laws.

Section 6.  The order of business at the meetings of the members, Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee, shall be as follows:

a)                  Roll Call
b)                  Presenting notice and proof of mailing, if appropriate
c)                  Reading of minutes of last preceding meeting
d)                 Report of the President
e)                  Report of the Secretary
f)                   Report of the Treasurer
g)                  Reports of the Standing Committees
h)                  Transaction of Other Business
i)                    Adjournment

Provided that, in the absence of any objections, the presiding officer may vary the order of business at his/her discretion.

Article VII-Committees

Section 1.  The following Standing Committees shall be named to serve the Association:

a)         Conference-to make all arrangements for the annual conference as directed by the President Elect and approved by the Board of Directors

b)         Legislative-to be composed of NAFEPA Board Member(s) to keep the membership informed about the status of federal legislation and to make appropriate contacts with the state and federal officials in regard to legislative matters

c)            Communications-to supervise and maintain the Association Website and any other publications authorized by the Board of Directors

d)          Needs Assessment-to determine needs of the Association through such means as Surveys, assist in the evaluation of the annual conference, and ascertain from the general membership how the Association can best serve them

e)         By-Laws-to distribute a copy of the By-Laws to each member and periodically review the national and state By-Laws to determine if additions, deletions, or expansions are required

f)         Nomination-to establish procedures for all elections consistent with Articles V and VI of By-Laws and to present the slate of officers at annual meetings

g)        Scholarship-to establish procedures for distributing scholarship applications, reviewing submitted applications, awarding AAFEPA scholarships, and submitting AAFEPA scholarship applications to NAFEPA scholarship chairman

Article VIII-By-Laws

Section 1.  By-Laws, consistent with the Constitution, may be adopted, repealed, or amended by a two-thirds vote of all members present and voting at the annual meeting or a special meeting called for that purpose.

Article IX-Constitutional Amendments

Section 1.  The Constitution may be repealed or amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at the annual meeting or any special meeting called for that purpose provided that a copy of any proposed amendment has been provided to the members before the meeting is convened.

Section 2.  Proposed Constitutional amendments can be changed at the annual meetings or special meeting called to consider such amendments only in regard to the subject matter of the proposed amendment.  Such changes to a proposed amendment must be by a two-thirds vote of those members present and voting in regard to such a change.


Article I-Preamble

Nothing in these By-Laws or any amendment thereto is intended to state purposes or authorize powers in any respect different from or in addition to those purposes and powers set forth in the Association’s Constitution.

Article II-Membership

Section 1.  Membership is open to the following:

a.         Any person employed by a Local Education Agency, non-public school, Alabama Department of Education, or an institution of higher education with responsibilities for administering educational programs supported by the Federal government.

b.                  Representatives of other organizations or agencies working directly with Federal programs and whose purposes are compatible with the intent of this Association as set forth in the Constitution.

c.                   Emeritus members, upon certification and verification of membership in the Association immediately preceding the initial application for emeritus membership.

Section 2.  Annual membership dues shall be determined by the members at the Association’s annual meeting by a majority vote of those present and voting.  Any change in the dues may take effect no sooner than thirty days following the membership’s action and will apply only to those memberships received after that date. Membership dues shall include membership to AAFEPA and NAFEPA.

Section 3.  Membership dues paid at the annual meetings or later in the fiscal year shall become effective immediately and provide membership until the end of the ensuing fiscal year.

Article III-Districts

Section 1.  The Intermediate Units of the organization shall be divided according to the AAFEPA district map.

Section 2.  Each district shall serve as an extension of the Association in fostering the purpose of the Association within that district.

Section 3.  Each district shall reorganize every two years in even numbered years during the three months preceding the annual AAFEPA meeting. The Association president shall call a meeting for such reorganization in the case of the failure of the district to organize itself within the time limits provided above.

Section 4.  The minimum organization of a district shall consist of one  Representative and Alternate.  The Representative shall serve as chairman of the district and shall serve on the Board of Directors of the Association.  The Alternate shall assist the Representative in the affairs of the district and shall represent the district on the Board of Directors only in the absence of the Representative.

Section 5.  Representatives and Alternates may succeed themselves in office for one additional term.  (Total of 4 years)

Article IV-Governing Body

Section 1.  The Board of Directors shall hold an annual meeting and such other meetings as are deemed necessary for the conduct of the business of the Association.  Meetings of the Board shall be called by the president, or the secretary, upon request by a majority of the Board members.

Section 2.  The Board shall have power to conduct all Association business and act for the Association in all matters except the election of officers, the approval of the budget, the establishment of dues, the adoption of By-Laws, the amendment of the By-Laws and Constitution, and the modification of the Association’s district alignment.

Section 3.  The Board shall authorize the issuance of all publications, announcements, and other materials relating to the general work of the Association, the annual meeting and committee activities.

Section 4.  The Board shall prepare a budget covering anticipated receipts and expenditures to be presented to the membership for approval at the annual meeting.  All appropriations of funds shall be the direct responsibility of the Board of Directors and shall be in accordance with the budget approved by a majority vote of the members present and voting at the annual meeting.

Article V-Election and Succession of Officers, District

Representatives, District Alternates and NAFEPA Board Member(s)

Section 1.   The election of officers shall be conducted biannually in even numbered years at the annual Association meeting.

Section 2.  A slate of nominees for office shall be prepared by a Nominating Committee and presented at the annual meeting.  Further nominations may be made by any member at the annual meeting.

Section 3.  Unless there is only one candidate for the office, all elections shall be secret ballot, and shall be by plurality vote.

Section 4.  The term of office shall coincide with the fiscal year.  Such elected officers shall be privileged to meet for the purpose of organizing and planning for their term of office prior to the commencement of such term.

Section 5.  In the event that the office of president becomes vacant due to death, resignation, or inability to perform the duties of the office, the office shall be assumed by the President Elect for the remainder of that term of office.  Such assumption of the office shall not count as a term of office in determining limit of tenure in a given office for less than eight months.

Section 6.  In the event of the vacancy of any office, other than president due to death, resignation, or inability to perform the duties of the office, the vacancy shall be filled by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.  The person selected to fill a vacancy shall hold the office for the remainder of that term.  A partial term of office shall not count as a term in office if held less than fifteen months.

Section 7.  Nomination and election of District Representatives and District Alternates within the general framework outlined in Article III, Section 3, of these By-Laws shall be by a procedure approved by the Board of Directors and announced to the membership at the annual meeting.

Section 8.  In the event that a vacancy should occur in a District Representative position, the appropriate District Alternate will succeed to the vacant position.  Should a vacancy occur in the position of Alternate, a replacement should be chosen by two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.  This person selected to fill the vacancy shall serve for the remainder of the term.  If both District Representative and District Alternate position become vacant, the procedure outlined in Article III, Section 3, of these By-Laws will be followed.

Section 9.  Nominees for NAFEPA Board Member must be current active members of NAFEPA and AAFEPA and have served in a leadership role in the state organization.  Nomination and election of NAFEPA Board Member(s) shall be by the Executive Committee with election by majority vote by secret ballot.

Article VI-Duties of Officers

Section 1.  The president shall perform the duties usually connected with that office, act as chairperson of the Board and in general shall direct the policy of the Association during his/her term of office.  He/she shall be ex-officio member of all committees.  It shall further be his/her duty to appoint all standing committees, a parliamentarian and all special committees authorized by the Board.

Section 2.  The immediate past president shall serve as chair of the nominations committee and as a voting member of the Executive Committee.

Section 3.  The president elect shall assist the president in the discharge of his/her duties and shall serve in the president’s absence.  The president elect may serve as a chairperson or a member of any standing committee or any special committees and shall serve as conference chair.

Section 4.  The secretary shall serve as the recording secretary of the Association, including the Board and shall maintain formal record of all official proceedings of the Association and send out notices, announcements, and publications and keep a roster of all members and their duties.

Section 5.  The treasurer shall be bonded custodian of all money belonging to the Association and shall deposit same in the Association’s account in a bank approved by the Board.  He/she shall pay out of funds as authorized by the Board and shall make an annual report and such other reports as may be requested by the president or the Board.

An audit of the cash receipts and disbursements will be completed biannually after the close of the fiscal years, as directed by the Board.

Section 6.  The NAFEPA Board Member(s) shall serve for a four year term with eligibility to serve in continuing status per Executive Committee nomination and re-election. NAFEPA Board Member(s) will serve per current NAFEPA job description.

Article VII-Meetings

Section 1.  A notice of time, place and purpose of all general membership meetings and all Board meetings shall be sent to all members, as appropriate, by the secretary when directed to do so by the Board or the president.

Section 2.  A quorum for any annual meeting, any special meeting, or any Board meeting shall be those present and voting provided that notice of such meeting has been sent to the members, as appropriate, at least fifteen days before the date of the meeting.

Article VIII-Committees

Section 1.  Committees authorized by the Board for the furtherance of the Association’s work shall be appointed by the president.  Committees so appointed shall serve until relieved of their duties.  Committee members, individually or corporately, may incur no expense for the Association unless funds have been previously allocated by the Board for such purpose. All committee reports will be presented to the Board of Directors for consideration and action.

Article X-Fiscal Year

Section 1. The fiscal year of the Association shall be October 1 to September 30.

Article XI-Rules of Order

Section 1.  Robert’s Rules of Order (Revised) shall be the authority on all questions of procedure not otherwise cove red in the Constitution or these By-Laws.

Dated:             November 1992
 Revised:          March 9, 1998
 Revised:          November 2001
 Revised:          2006
 Revised:          November 2009
 Revised:          November 2010

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